My name is Romaine Begay, Ro.  I am Towering House born into the Zuni clan.  This is a formal Navajo greeting.

My business is called Nizhoni Pottery, where I create a combination of traditional and contemporary pottery. Nizhoni is a Navajo word meaning beautiful, fine, and good, all in one depending on the accent used. My connection with art has been throughout my life.  Early on as a child my cousin and I would have drawing competitions to see who the better artist was. Good ol’ WNMU, in Silver City New Mexico was where I went to college. Not a lot of people can say that they play in the mud all day long for a living.  I have my father to thank for encouraging me to better myself with a college education and the ceramics program at WNMU for keeping me in college and earning a degree. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art with an emphasis in ceramics.

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